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The web is full of good Christian material. Here are some sites we recommend.

Pray for the President
These guys are mobilizing 2.8 million Christians to pray daily for the President. You gotta be a part of this, if you care about our nation.

Old and Out of Print Books
Boy, this is a gold mind. Jack Morrison is doing a huge service to the body of Christ by stock-piling hundreds of hard to get and out of print books. Tell Jack we said “Hi.”

Pray Magazine
Navpress has put together an excellent print magazine dedicated to prayer. From this site you can search through past issues, or subscribe for your self.

Insight to Freedom
John and Donna Deal will give you the tools you need to live a Godly life in a wicked world. Their “Insights” from God have helped set thousands free from debt, marriage trouble, church conflicts, business problems, etc. They learned these lessons by listening to God as they walked out of 6.5 million dollars of debt. These guys know what they’re talking about.

SoughtOut Ministries
If you are looking for freedom from broken relationships, issues of abuse, sexual addictions, and homosexuality, the folks at SoughtOut are here to help you. They are commited to helping people restore the very private parts of their lives and families. If you need help, or know someone who needs help, we recommend SoughtOut.

KLove Radio
If you don’t have a good Christian radio station in your town, or country, then tune into KLove over the internet. They’re also a great source for Christian, and secular news.

Caleb Project
Looking for some help to stir up your youth group, cell group or congregation on the needs of the unreached? Lots of media resources here.

Listen to the Bible

Hear Max Maclean read your favorite verse, or book of the Bible. You gotta try this, He makes the Bible come alive.

Military Moms
Don’t forget to support, pray for, encourage, and stand with our troops. These men and women are willing to die for you, please pray for them today.

Search the Bible
This online Bible Gateway by Gospelcom.net is the best. Search any version of the Bible in over a dozen languages, even listen to the Bible while you work

World News Links:
Stay in touch with the needs of the world. ABC CBS NBC FOX CNN BBC

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