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Washington Times: "Baghdad prayer patrol founder dies"

Breaking Christian News: "Prayer Alert: Wayne Dillard of goes Home to Jesus the Day before Easter"

Daily Prayer for Pastors Facilitated by

Press Advisory: Oct. 8, 2009
In support of October being Clergy Appreciation month, is asking Christians to take a minute a day to pray for their Pastor. To facilitate this daily prayer, Prayercentral has setup a prayer widget to personalize prayer for Pastors.

Prayercentral founder Wayne Dillard explains, “Pastors need prayer as much as anyone, probably more. With our Fetch prayer widget, It just takes a minute to call down a blessing. Just imagine what could happen in our churches if we all took a few minutes each day to pray for our Pastor this month.”

Visitors can also post a prayer for their Pastor, and agree with the prayers of others. Additional resources are available on the Pastor Prayer Page at Prayercentral including, a church bulletin insert and prayer card that visitors can download and print.

The Pastors Prayer Page is located online at:

Afghanistan Casualty Trend Interrupted by Prayer Patrol?

Press Advisory: Oct. 2, 2009 today posted a casualty chart for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The chart draws a dynamic relationship between the recent launch of the Afghan Prayer Patrol and the sudden decline of U.S. casualties in September.

Wayne Dillard, director of the Afghan Prayer Patrol, commented, “Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe there really is a God who answers the prayers of His people. I’m putting my faith in God.”

The chart shows a steady increase in U.S. casualties from April 2009 through August. Then a sudden 20% drop in casualties for the month of September. “We began mobilizing prayer in late August, then officially launched the Prayer Patrol in September”, explains Dillard. “We saw the same results with the Baghdad Prayer Patrol back in 2007,” he continues, “As soon as we had 800 to a 1000 people praying daily in unity, we started seeing a decline in casualties.”

Afghan Prayer Patrol is an online effort to mobilize prayer for the troops and people of Afghanistan. Visitors are presented with a short scripture-based prayer each day to cover various topics of need for the Troops and people of Afghanistan. Those who sign up, receive a daily email with a link to their prayer assignment, and other prayer resources, such a maps, news etc. Participants can also post their own prayers and agree with the prayer of others. Information on the Afghanistan Prayer Patrol is available at
(chart statistics source:
U.S. Casualties Only

Afghanistan Prayer Patrol Launched in Response to Rising Casualties

Press Advisory / Sept 21, 2009
A Christian website dedicated to prayer has launched the Afghanistan Prayer Patrol to help Christians around the world pray for the troops and people of Afghanistan. founder Wayne Dillard is directing this global prayer effort in response to the rising casualty figures in this conflict. “August was the deadliest month we’ve seen in 8 years,” said Dillard, “I believe focused prayer can make a difference, so we are asking Christians to join us for just 1 minute a day to stand with the troops.”

Those joining the online Prayer Patrol receive a daily e-mail assignment with a sample illustrated prayer. Participants also have access to news updates, and satellite maps of Afghanistan regions designated as hot spots for prayer.

Dillard, an ordained minister of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, has seen what prayer can do, “In April, 2007, when the Iraq war was almost lost, we launched the Baghdad Prayer Patrol, and saw dramatic results. Within a month, the 5 year trend of rising U.S. casualties was reversed. It’s time now for us to stand with our troops and the people of Afghanistan and join together in prayer.”

One special feature is the Troop Prayer Focus, which provides a prayer for the troops of a different base or outpost in Afghanistan each day. “This way we can build a perimeter of focused prayer around those bases where the fighting is most intense,” Dillard explains.

The website also allows participants to posts their own prayers and agree in prayer with others. Information on the Afghanistan Prayer Patrol is available here:

Prayercentral’s online prayer tools help thousands each day to touch needs around the world in prayer. Founded in 2001 by Wayne Dillard a missionary to South Asia, and former vice president of Last Days Ministries. Prayercentral is a non-profit ministry with headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA. For more information visit:

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