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Jobless Prayer Patrol

– Just 1 Minute a Day –

Today’s Prayer for the Jobless [1]

Calling on the God of all provision
for those who need jobs

Join us! [2]

As we focus prayer on the needs of the jobless.

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What is this?

The Labor Day Prayer Patrol was born out of my desire to help those who are out of work. After receiving a letter on April 13th from a couple who was out of work, my heart was stirred with compassion and faith for them.

I prayed for them, and sent them my prayer asking them to pray it everyday for that next week. By the end of April, the husband had a job and the wife had turned down an offer for a better position. Through their testimony, I realized, God is our great provider and prayer can open doors that nothing else can.

Since September is the month we celebrate Labor Day, I wanted to make it a month of prayer for the jobless, so they can have something to celebrate as well. I hope you will join with me in this concentrated effort to improve the lives of those without jobs.

Patrolling with you,
Wayne Dillard