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Tree of Prayer

And then this man came to kill us, but he was not able to cross over our property line because of the power of prayer… As I sat listening to yet another story of God’s victory over evil through prayer, I was humbled, and challenged. Mature Christian leaders from all over south Asia had come together to share what God had taught them about spiritual warfare. I had come to listen and learn, and I was getting my money’s worth. Being with these guys for 4 days sent me into deep reflection of my own prayer life. On the train ride home, I put my thoughts into a poem.

My Tree of Prayer

God gave the gift of prayer to me,
it was like the seed of a great big tree.
I watered it and watched it grow,
not all at once but rather slow.

My tree of prayer then bore some fruit,
and I was glad it had taken root.
But in this joy that came to me,
I forgot to water my precious tree.

It soon was withered and very sick,
It bore no fruit like an old dry stick.
I felt ashamed of what I’d done,
God’s gift to me was a special one.

Not special only to me, you see,
but to the others it could have set free.
I went to God to bear my shame,
and show Him the tree that bore His name.

It made Him sad to see me there,
with my withered little tree of prayer.
His sadness caused my heart to cry,
Forgive me Lord for letting prayer die.

I laid my tree before His face,
and asked Him to pour out His grace.
He answered with His heart of love,
and renewed my tree from His throne above.

Now everyday I take great care,
to water my precious tree of prayer.

Most Christians go through times of neglecting prayer, but we have to remember that prayer is a living relationship between us and Jesus. We have to watch over it carefully. It will not grow or even survive without faithful nurturing. If your prayers have become a little dry and lifeless, check out these prayer nurturing tips.

Nurturing Your Tree of Prayer
If your prayer life has been a little dry and unfruitful lately, then maybe it needs a little more tender loving care. Here are some steps to help bring it back to life.

1- Check your tree for diseases. Maybe there is some unforgiveness, unbelief or disobedience that is stunting your tree. Psalms 66:18, Matthew 23:24

2- You might need to re-pot your tree of prayer. Maybe your roots have become cramped in the same old pot. Extend your prayer concerns out beyond your own household. Isaiah 56:7

3- Be sure your tree is getting plenty of water. Abundant amounts of God’s word will give your tree fresh life. Psalms 119:25

4- A healthy tree must have lots of sunshine. Allow your tree to have adequate time to soak in the presence of the Lord. There is no substitute for worship. Isaiah 40:31.

Wayne Dillard

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