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farm_seeds_handI was sitting in church when our pastor asked, “How many of you have received a personal prophecy that hasn’t been fulfilled yet?” All around the room hands jutted up. In fact, from where I was sitting, almost every hand in the room was up.

If you asked the same question in most churches today, the scene would look about the same. “Why is that?” Part of the reason is because the gift of prophecy is enjoying a new day in the sun. People are hungry to receive it and many are also eager to move in it.

Lot’s of new books have been written on the topic. Everything from, “Is America in Bible prophecy,” to, “Hearing The Voice of God“.  All underscoring one amazing truth, “God is a God Who speaks.” Have you ever considered that God didn’t shape creation with His hands, but He shaped it through the sound of His voice (Genesis 1) And then the scene in the garden, where a picture is drawn of Adam and Eve walking and talking with God.

There’s no doubt about it, “God speaks” and this is at the core of His creation. Most of us wouldn’t argue about that but what about all this unfulfilled prophecy? If we could prop up a white board and write down, “Reasons Why Prophecy Isn’t Fulfilled,” you and I might include: “timing”, “misinterpretation”, “disobedience” etc. In fact, we could probably write a book on the subject (and many already have).

However, after traveling 1000’s of miles in ministry, there’s one problem that I rarely hear discussed. And yet it seems to be a universal affliction, and that is the problem of, “inactivity.” If I hold a card with a gym membership in my pocket, that gives me access, it gives me possibilities but it will never get me in shape. Sometimes it seems we wait on God to do His part, and our part too.

Most believers forget that, “prophecy is an invitation to action.” For instance, if you get a prophecy, “My son/daughter, I AM going to send you into the nations.” You might want to get your passport. If someone gives you a word, “God is going to use you to write great books,” you might want to start journaling or write an article or take some writing classes. In other words, “Get the ball rolling,” when it’s possible. There’s nothing wrong with that, and often it’s our part that’s the hold up!

When the supernatural is released, it’s a lot like getting a packet of seeds slapped in your hands. Though the packet holds all the promise of blessings, most farmers will tell you, “Hey, it’s time to get to work.” After all, the seeds won’t plant themselves. And the same is true for us. If you’ve received a prophecy, and you feel it’s from Him, then ask Him about your homework. There’s sure to be some.

After God Speaks, What’s Next?…

Prophecy Check List
Did God speak to you through a prophetic word, a word of knowledge, or a word of wisdom? (1 Corinthians 12:7-8,10) This can have a powerful impact. If you’ve received a word, here’s how to see it grow.

1. Review -Does the word you received line up with the Bible? Does it have the character of Christ, Who is gentle and humble in heart (Matthew 11:29). If you have a hesitation or question, take some time to submit this word to a cell leader or pastor (if needed), and receive their wisdom. (Psalms 25:9/1 Peter 2:13)

2. Receive -After you’ve reviewed your word and you’ve determined it’s from the Lord, then feel free to soak it in. Do a little homework. Open your bible and collect scripture verses that reinforce what He’s speaking. Write it in a journal. Take time to let it really sink in and hit the mark.

3. Respond -(repent, make restitution, restore relationships) Do whatever you might need to do. Remember, if you’re planting a packet of seeds, sometimes the ground needs to be cleared before the seeds can be planted. (James 4:6-8)

4. Rejoice -You received a blessing, so take some time to thank the Lord. Recall the story of the 10 lepers. All 10 were healed, but only one came back to thank Jesus. (Psalms 107:15/Luke 17:12-19)

5. Remember -Declare your faith in God’s ability to watch over and perform His word in your life. In the weeks ahead take time to recall what He has spoken to you and continue to wrap your heart around His faithfulness to do what He has promised.(Hebrews 4:2/Matthew 17:20)

Kathleen Dillard

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