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Portrait of an Intercessor

(This is one possible, (but likely) account of the story of the paralytic in Mark 2:1-12)

It was a hot day in Capernaum, and people from miles around had gathered to hear Jesus. The crowd was very large, stretching out the door and filling the court yard to the house. Only those who had come early were inside. A young man named Timon had heard about Jesus and came an hour before the crowd gathered to get a good seat. As the people flooded into the room, Timon secured his place on the dirt floor right up front. He could hardly believe he was about to hear from Jesus, the man of miracles. As the meeting began, He was stirred deeply by the words and presence of Jesus. He could feel the warmth of God’s love penetrating deep into his heart. Timon thought, I never want to leave this place, I just want to sit at the feet of Jesus forever.

Suddenly, he began to weep, and a great burden came over his heart. How can I be so sad in the presence of Jesus? he thought. What is this burden on my heart? Then a face flashed into his mind. It was the paralytic that was always begging at the temple. As he pictured his suffering, his heart broke within him. He was sobbing uncontrollably now, and a great wailing began to rise up from the depths of his spirit. ‘I have to get out of here, my heart is breaking. As he stood up to leave he looked at Jesus. There was a tear in His eye and a knowing look that said, Thank you, for bearing My burden. This stirred, another wave of deep emotion that almost sent him to the floor. He collected himself, and pushed his way through the crowd, sobbing as he went. Once outside, he ran straight to the temple to find the paralytic.

The man, paralyzed from birth was there in his usual place. His three friends, who often carried him around, were with him. Timon ran up, still weeping. You must come with me to see Jesus! he cried out to the paralytic. He loves you and wants to heal you, you must come with me! His words rising up from a place so deep in his heart that no one could deny their truth. The paralytic agreed and the friends all joined in to carry him.

By the time they arrived at the house, the crowd was larger than before. They pushed and shouted at the edge of the throng, but there was no room for people to even make a path to Jesus. Timon dropped to his knees with a heavy heart, and his countenance fell as he realized they could not get through. He looked at the paralytic apologetically, then the face of Jesus flashed into his mind. He saw again the tear in His eye and felt the longing of His heart to touch this man. The desire of God burst forth into Timon’s heart and he fell to the ground wailing. After a few minutes, he stood up with a fresh determination. Looking around, he found a way to the top of the house. Follow me! he shouted, grasping one end of the pallet.

Up the outside stairs of the house next door and across the roof they struggled with the paralytic and his pallet. Timon found the spot just above Jesus, and began to tear back the tiles, until the hole was large enough. Then the four of them handed the paralytic down to the people below so that he was just in front of Jesus. The Lord looked up at the men on the roof, knowing that it was their faith that made possible what He was about to do. He stood up and moved toward the man on the floor. Everyone in the room could feel His compassion as he spoke, My son, your sins are forgiven. I say to you, ‘arise, take up your pallet and walk.’ As those words entered into the paralytic’s ears, God’s power entered his body, and he stood up, gathered his pallet, and walked out. Timon, still watching from the roof, fell back on the tiles, full of peace and relief, thanking God for allowing him to be a part of this miracle.

Process of Intercession – As you read through this story one more time, consider these points in the intercession process:

1- Timon was in the presence of the Lord when his heart was touched for the paralytic.

2- He received the burden as his own, and allowed his heart to be deeply moved by the Lord’s concern.

3- He committed himself to carry the burden and took action.

4- He gathered others who were concerned to join with him.

5- When he met with obstacles, like the crowd, he remembered the heart of Jesus and allowed the Holy Spirit to strengthen and encourage him.

6- He persevered through the struggles and brought the paralytic to the feet of Jesus.

7- He rejoiced and rested in the victory of Christ with humility and gratitude.

This is the portrait of a true intercessor. If we draw near to Christ, carry His burdens, and persevere, we too can rejoice in His victory.

Wayne Dillard

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