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I Paid the Ransom

I wrote this a few years ago while living in India, but felt I should share it again here.

greedI just sat down to write when I heard the doorbell. I answered the door and found the postman there with a large package from the USA. We don’t get many of these, so I was very excited to receive it. But my joy soon turned to anger, as he made it clear that he expected a tip.

Now, I already had to tip him when we moved in here, and again when we received a certified letter. Now it seems any mail besides a common letter is being held hostage by my postman. Well, I had no option, I paid the ransom and received my package. But the whole transaction left me really sour.

That’s when God stepped in. He always has some sweet words for me when my attitude turns bitter. It’s times like these, when I wish I didn’t know any scriptures. It seems like God has a way of opening the floodgate of my mind and pouring out verses I haven’t read or thought of in years, just to make His point. “God loves a Cheerful giver… Give, and it shall be given to you, pressed down and overflowing… Freely you have received, freely give… No man takes my life from me, but I lay it down willingly…” If that wasn’t enough, then He makes it personal, “Wayne, No one can take from you, what you freely give them.”

Boy, that cut to the quick. I’m not mad anymore, now I’m convicted and it’s all the postman’s fault. I was doing fine till he showed up. Is God really saying that just changing my attitude changes the whole transaction? Can I really enjoy all this giving that I’m being forced to do? Am I making people take things from me, because I’m not willing to give it to them? How much stress would go out of my life, if I gave as freely as God has given to me? “Hmmm… Giving from the heart vs. paying ransom, that’s something to think about.” How about you? Are you holding on when you should be letting go?

I still have my struggles when people take advantage of me, but I have learned to let a lot of the small things go. It really is all about your perspective. My days are a lot more peaceful when I walk in a giving attitude. There is nothing we have received that hasn’t come from the free hand of God. You have enjoyed receiving, don’t miss the joy of giving.
Wayne Dillard