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Duck, Jedi, Duck and Run!

I had a dream last night that I was a Jedi knight. You know the guys on Star Wars who wield those unbeatable light sabers, and always stay calm and cool in the face of danger? Some really bad dude was picking on a little guy, so I stepped in to help.

It turned out that this bad guy, who looked a lot like an ugly version of The Riddler from the old Batman show, had some kind of special little clear balls of poison or something that he would throw at his opponents.

As we began to fight, I pulled out my light saber, which I noticed was flickering a little, like it wasn’t fully charged. I remember thinking, “This is not good!” Then these poison balls started coming at me.  I tried to use my sword to block these incoming missiles, but I just wasn’t fast enough.

I found myself ducking and dodging, and dancing around like a court jester just to stay alive. It wasn’t very pretty, and I certainly wasn’t calm and cool in the face of danger.  It was such an embarrassment to the entire Jedi Knighthood, that I think another Jedi would have put me out of my misery just to spare their reputation.

When I woke up, and began to think over this dream, I felt like it was a reminder from the Lord that I need to keep my sword skills sharp. As believers we are part of a Knighthood. (1 Peter 2:9) We have been initiated into the Lord’s service, and commissioned to serve. (1 Peter 2:21) We are required to step in wherever we see evil, injustice, sickness, poverty, or anything contrary to the will of God.

Our banner is “Thy will be done on earth…” (Matthew 6:10) And we have been given His Word as our light saber to protect the innocent, and to drive away evil.

We must be proficient in using God’s Word. That means we need to be comfortable with it, confident in it, and capable of applying it.

Don’t embarrass your comrades or your King, “Be ready in season and out…” Here are some tips for keeping your light saber fully charged.

When it comes to the Bible:

Be Comfortable- Spend lots of time with it.  Read it, think about it, study it.

Be Confident- Test it, try it out, apply it to you own personal situations.

Be Capable- Use it to bless and help others; and to promote God’s Kingdom.

Wayne Dillard

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