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Q&A on Prayer

A very simple definition would be to pray as you are lead by the Holy Spirit. Some of our praying is simply an expression of our own heart and desires. There is nothing wrong with that, God is very much interested in our desires, and what is important to us.Praying in the spirit however, is praying at another level. It is allowing the Holy Spirit to express His desires through us. This may take on many forms. It is not always praying in tongues. It may be accompanied with strong emotion, or it may not. It sometimes comes with groaning, or weeping, but not always. You may or may not understand what or who you are praying for.

It may simply be a prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit that cuts right to the heart of the issue at hand. Praying in the spirit whatever form it takes, will usually have these common traits.
1-The prayer comes with a Godly unction.
2-It will inspire and bear witness with other spirit filled believers.
3- It will always line up with God’s word. -Romans. 8:26; Ephesians. 6:18; Jude 1:20

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This Bible passage doesn’t give us any specifics about what we should bind or loose. It just says that whatever we bind or loose will be honored in heaven. What Jesus is doing here, is affirming our authority to act on His behalf on earth.

This is both a great privilege and a great responsibility. We must be sure that we are in line with God’s desires when we bind or loose something. The next two verses complete this concept of representing God on earth.

We should do it in agreement with others. And it should be done in Jesus name, or according to His will. This passage indicates that there are three things necessary for effective prayer.

1-A strong heartfelt commitment to the issue at hand (binding and loosing indicates an irrevocable commitment, something permanent.) In the old testament people would bind themselves to the Lord with an oath.

2-In agreement with others. “If two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for…” In other places the Bible talks about something being establish by two or more witnesses. There is something very powerful about our prayers of agreement.

3-In Jesus name. This does not mean saying the phrase, “In Jesus name” this means being assured in your heart that you are acting in His name, on His behalf, according to His will. That you are speaking for Him in this matter. See- In His Name devotional

I have listed these in the order that Jesus listed them, but In practice the process is reversed.

We first must be assured of God’s will in a matter. Then we seek the agreement of others as a confirmation. Then we commit our hearts to pray through till we have the answer.

When these three things come together. I believe we can expect to have what we ask for.

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Prayer is never a waste of time. It’s one of the few things we can do that benefits us as much as those we are doing it for. As far as your friend’s smoking, prayer can certainly help.

Your friend is dealing with an addiction, which the Devil wants to use to destroy him. There is almost nothing you can do that is more devastating to your health than smoking. God wants your friend to be healthy, whole and free.

You can not change your friend’s choices through prayer, but you can bind the dark forces that are leading him to those choices. Jesus died, so that he could be free, put the cross between this addiction and your friend. Your friend has been purchased by the blood of the lamb. The devil has no right to him. But someone with faith, has to give the Devil notice that he must let your friend go.

You can also ask the Holy Spirit to stir up healthy desires in your friend’s heart to replace his need for tobacco. Ask God to bring circumstances into his life that will lead him to a point of decision. He must make the right choice himself, but your praying can put him in a place where that choice is easier.

Remember to use God’s word in your praying and to pray with your eye on the goal, seeing him as he will be when he’s free. Our, Pray-it Say-it feature will help you use God’s Word in prayer.

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When God created man we were given authority and responsibility over the earth. “be fruitful, multiply and subdue, or watch over the earth.” When Adam and Eve sinned they yielded their authority to satan, who then became the prince of this world.

Jesus became a man to restore mankind to it’s originally intended relationship with God and responsibility over His creation. Through His death and resurrection, he de-throned the prince of this world and restored us to our position of responsibility and authority over the things of this world. (we are now seated in the heavenlies with Christ) our restored position of authority over this world.

This is what Jesus was referring to when He said, “”Now is the prince of this world cast out!” and on the cross, that process was finished. Satan no longer holds a legitimate place as prince of this world. His only grip on power and control comes from those who yield to His deception and demands. For those of us who choose to accept Christ’s sacrifice for our sins, He becomes our Lord, and satan has no power over us. It Is Finished!!!

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It may be difficult to draw a direct correlation to daily time with God and effective ministry, but it certainly is a principle that can be validated with examples from scripture.

Daniel was a man who prayed 5 times a day faithfully and was mightily used of God. Jesus had a habit of rising early while it was still dark to go and pray. Paul was apparently a man of great prayer. Writing to the Corinthians he said he prayed in the spirit more than all of them.

As you said, daily prayer and communion with God should not be a legal thing. But God’s desire is to meet people’s needs, to heal, set free, and bring them back into a right relationship with Him. We are His body, His hands and feet to do His bidding on the earth. The closer we are to Him; the more we understand what His desires are; the better equipped we are to be used as instruments of His grace.

Daily prayer tunes our heart to God’s frequency, and allows us to see as He sees, feel as He feels, and act under His guidance and anointing. One of our Daily Devotionals may help you stay connected.

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That is the Holy Spirit sharing His concern with you for someone. Just like a good friend who shares the deep burdens of their heart, God has concerns and burdens- things that disturb Him, and cause Him to grieve.

When you draw close to Him in worship, He shares His heart with you just like a good friend would. It’s quite a privilege to have God share His concerns with you. When this happens, try to find a quite place where you can be free to embrace God’s burden.

Allow yourself to grieve with God over this concern, then look for His promises that would be a solution to this need, and pray those back to Him. Check out “Portrait of an Intercessor” in our Teachings section for an illustration of how this works.

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An intercessor is a lot like an advocate, or an attorney. Because of his standing with the court, he has access to bring someone’s case before the ruling authority.

Anyone who has a relationship with Jesus can be an intercessor because that relationship grants you access to the throne of God. You can bring anyone in need before His throne, and “intercede” on their behalf, presenting their situation to God, and pleading their case.

An intercessor knows the laws of the Kingdom, and the heart of the King. Because of his close relationship with the King, he knows how to present the case to get the best results. Check out “Portrait of an Intercessor” on our Teachings Page for an illustration of how this works.

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No, but Jesus does. They’re found in Matthew 6:9. When His disciples came to Him and asked “Teach us to pray.” Jesus gave them an outline for effective prayer. Some people have taken “The Lord’s Prayer” and used it as something to be recited, but the Lord meant for it to be a pattern of relating to our Heavenly Father in prayer. For a prayer card explaining this pattern click to The Lord’s Prayer.
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Spiritual warfare is promoting God’s will in the earth by resisting through prayer and lifestyle the evil forces that are at work in our world. Every since Satan rebelled against God, there has been a struggle between good and evil; darkness and light.

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we become soldiers of “Light”, aligned with God and equipped to resist the spiritual forces of darkness that are at work in this world. We engage in spiritual warfare by our lifestyle, and our prayer life.

Whenever we resist an evil temptation and choose what is good, we are striking a blow to the Devil’s kingdom. We are denying him the authority he gains from our disobedience. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we have regained our rightful place of authority over the earth, and in His name can rebuke the evil spirits that are at work among mankind. (see Ephesians chapter 6)

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One of the best ways to stay lined up with what God wants, is to pray the scriptures. God’s word is eternal, and what He revealed about His will thousands of years ago is just as true today.

You can take God’s promises and apply them to your situation today. Nothing strengthens your faith more than praying out God’s word. For a sample of this type of praying check out the prayers in the devotional, In His Name. You will also find examples of this at:Pray-it Say-it

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It’s true the Bibles promise that we can have whatever we ask of God in Jesus name, but that promise comes with certain conditions. One condition is praying in Jesus name, and there’s more to that than just sticking His name on the end of your prayer.

To pray in His name means to represent Him, and His purposes, it means to know Him. Kathleen has an article on praying in His name where you can find more on this. There are other conditions to prayer that must be met if we expect God to answer. Our prayer card, Conditions to Answered Prayer” may be of help.

Also, there is God’s timing. Even when we meet all of the conditions, there is a matter of timing. God does all things in the right time, and often that’s not quite soon enough for us. This is where perseverance and patience comes in.

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I have heard people say that to pray without ceasing is to pray continuously. I have been praying and interceding for 20 years and I have never learned how to do that.

To cease means to quit, to give up, to stop pursuing something. I have come to understand that “praying without ceasing” means keeping the issue before God until the answer comes. It means to not give up, don’t lose your faith that the answer will come. Don’t give into doubt, but keep the issue alive in your heart.

I recently read of a couple who prayed for their rebellious teenage boy for 4 years until he surrendered to Christ. Now, they didn’t pray 24 hours a day, but they never lost hope, and they kept their request before God. They never closed the case on their son’s salvation. That, is praying without ceasing. -1Thessalonians. 5:17

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You’re right, God does not violate our free will, but often there are spiritual forces at work that hinder us from making the right choices. Through intercession, these hindrances that oppose God’s will in a person’s life can be abated or held back, giving them the unhindered freedom to make the right choice.

Jesus came to set the captives free and He has paid the price for everyone’s freedom. But many people are trapped by lies and deception that prevent them from seeing that their cell door is now unlocked. Intercession can pull back the blindness and allow them to see that Christ is the answer they need.

By interceding, we level the playing field, we push back the demonic influences that hinder people from accepting the freedom that Christ has already purchased for them. Because of Christ, the Devil no longer has the right to hold people in bondage, but He is a sore looser and will cling to all the territory he has until he is forced to let go.

Intercession serves the Devil an eviction notice requiring him to release the soul that Christ has paid for with His blood. It’s one of the most important things we can do toward someone’s salvation. Try Praying for the Lost in Your Neighborhood.

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Yes, God is sovereign over all creation. But in His sovereignty He has decided to put man in charge of a tiny part of His creation called earth. We have been given delegated authority over this planet and God expects us to watch over the affairs of man on His behalf.

God will not violate the trust He has given us. He will not step in and fix things, without being invited. I have two daughters that I love very much, and I am always ready to run to their aid. But there are times when I have to stand by and watch them make a mistake because they did not ask for my help.

God wants to help, but He is waiting for an invitation. When we cry out to God he responds, but too often, evil prevails, for there is no one who calls on the name of the lord. “There is no one who calls on Your name, Who arouses himself to take hold of You…” -Isaiah 64:7

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