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Unlocking the Answer to Prayer

Is the answer you need locked up tight? Then check your pocket for the keys. Sometimes you need more than one prayer key to get the answer released.

Asking is one key, but when that doesn’t work, it’s time to grab your other keys, and get after those locks until the door is open.

What are your other keys? How about Gratitude, God’s promises, Proclamation, Binding and Loosing, Worship, and Perseverance.

Don’t let a few locks stand in your way, when you have the keys in your pocket.

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  1. Jane Carlson
    May 12th, 2017 | #1

    Thank you Kathleen…your words always pierce to the heart of the matter.

    Have been going through the most intense time, where everything that can be shaken has been. Yet I still clinging to the edge of His tallit. He is my All in All..waiting before Him listening to the cries of His heart becoming mine. Singing the songs of the Spirit and rejoicing.

    Many this year bring the double portion of all your pouring out, crying out and going out as His Ambassador. Be blessed, filled, renewing, restored. In Jesus name. Amen