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Preemptive Obedience

soldier_statue_obedienceDo you have some area of sin that you struggle with? Then it’s time for some preemptive obedience. Don’t wait until the temptation presents itself, that’s a recipe for defeat. You must settle the issue of obedience now when you’re not in the heat of the battle.

A soldier doesn’t wait until he’s on the battlefield to decide if he will fight or not. He has already determined in his heart to fight till the death before he ever straps on his boots.

Start your day with some preemptive obedience and
beat temptation before it starts:

Choose, before you lose.
Say yes, before the test.
Get in control, before you stroll.
Shout no, before you go.
Get it right, before the fight.
Take your stand, before the demand.
Make it straight, before it’s too late.
Choose to win, before it begins.

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