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Today’s Five Points

olympic-runner_markOn Your Mark…
Paul said in Hebrews 12:1 that we should run the race with endurance, here are some quick points for running your spiritual race today.

Preparation– a runner wins the race before he starts. He is prepared mentally and physically to finish the race, determined that nothing will stop him. Commit yourself each morning to complete whatever opportunity God calls you to. Set yourself apart and be intentional in serving God’s purposes today.

Start- a runner is ready, focused and listening for the gun. Every fiber in his body is tuned to hear the start of the race. Get your heart in a place to hear God’s voice today, be alert, and waiting for your next assignment.

Undistracted- the crowds may be cheering, his opponents may be jostling, but the runner is focused on his mission. Throughout the day, take a minute to refocus your heart and reaffirm your availability to Him.

Grab the baton- a runner holds the baton with a secure grip. Nothing will shake it from his hand. Don’t be casual with your assignments, or God’s revelation. Grab hold with all your heart.

Obstacles- a runner may get bumped, he may slip, or even fall down, but he will finish. Don’t let the fear of man, or the opposition of the enemy keep you from the finish line. God has an assigment for you today, don’t miss it.

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