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Getting God to Talk (part-3)

In parts 1 and 2 we covered 2 tips on having a dynamic 2-way conversation with God. Here is tip #3 on Getting God to Talk.

Tip#3 Get Honest With God

sunrays_pt3Too often we try to please God by saying what we think He wants to hear. Of course, He knows the thoughts and intentions of your heart, so He’s waiting for you to get real.

I have found that one sure-fire way of getting a conversation going is to be honest about something others don’t agree with. Like telling a taxi driver in Singapore that you voted for Bush. Now you’ve got a conversation!

Some of the most energized exchanges I have enjoyed came out of controversy. My daughter Julia has very strong opinions, (she is her mother’s daughter) and anytime I want a lively conversation I simply make an honest statement that crosses one of those opinions. I may not get to say anything else, but I’ll hear a lot from her.

God is a little like that too. Have you ever noticed how quickly you hear from Him when you break down, and tell him what you’ve done wrong? Or when you get real honest and challenge Him on how He’s handling some situation? Just check out the last part of Job. He got an earful when he challenged God. How about you, when was the last time you were so honest with God that it got a response?

God loves it when we’re honest, if you’ll be heart to heart with Him, He’ll be heart to heart with you. Just remember the other 2 tips, ask Him what He thinks about it, and give Him a chance to respond. You’ll find your prayer time taking on a whole new 2-way dynamic. What God intended all along.

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