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Getting God to Talk (part-2)

As we talked about in part 1, prayer should be a dynamic 2-way conversation with God, but too often it’s just a boring monologue. This is part 2 of 3 tips on Getting God to Talk. If you want to hear more from Him in your prayertime here’s tip #2.

Tip #2 Ask Questions
questions_pt2Questions is another great way to start a conversation. That’s why young couples have so much to talk about, they are curious about each other. They can spend hours finding out what the other one thinks about all sorts of stuff.

As we get older we can run out of questions, and the conversations become less than exhilarating. But we should never run out of questions for God. He holds the secrets of the universe and of the human heart. We will never explore the full depth of His knowledge.

How about your prayer time, is it a learning experience, or are you too busy telling God all the stuff you know? He’s got all the answers, He’s just waiting for someone with the questions.

Explore the universe with the one who can tell you everything, question God, and see your prayer time become the 2-way conversation you’ve always wanted it to be. (next week part 3)

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