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Getting God to Talk (part-1)

Prayer should be a dynamic 2-way conversation with God, but too often it’s just a boring monologue. This is part 1 of 3 tips on Getting God to Talk. Some people are better conversation starters than others, I’m not one of the better ones, but I have learned 3 ways to get people to talk, and it seems to be the same with God. If you want to hear more from Him in your prayer time here’s tip #1.
Tip #1 Stop talking

mouth-tape-man_pt1Most of the time, we don’t hear from Him because we are content to do the talking. He is a good listener, after all, and we can be more interested in saying all we know, than hearing from the one who knows all. God has a lot to share with us, if we would just make room for Him. The number one way to get your conversation with God going is to stop talking.

Being the only male in a house with 3 girls, It can sometimes be like the old saying, “I can’t get a word in edgewise.” You know the feeling, you have something to say, but by the time there is enough of a pause in the conversation, the train of thought that goes with your very clever comment has already left the station. You either have to resurrect the previous line of thinking or just drop it, and pretend you have nothing to say. How many times has God been left out of your praying because you didn’t give Him enough time to speak?

Don’t be satisfied with knowing God as a “good listener,” there’s a lot more to prayer than telling God what you know. You need to hear His heart too, and embrace the burdens that concern Him. Let’s make prayer the “conversation with God” it’s meant to be. (next week part 2)

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