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Are You a Whiner?

saddog_whinerWhen my kids were really little they would sometimes whine at me when they wanted something. And I always hated it. They learned at an early age that if they wanted something from Dad, they better not whine when they asked for it.

God hates whining too because it defames His character. We whine at God when we don’t think He will give us what we are asking for. Either we don’t believe in His generosity, or we don’t trust His judgement. God will sometimes give you what you whine for, but you will regret it. (Numbers 11)

God is generous and His judgements are always right. If you find yourself whining to God, you better get a grip, before he gives you what you want. Instead, come before His throne with bold confidence in His character asking in faith for those blessings you know He wants you to have.

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