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Workplace or Prayerplace

Post-a-Prayer -Make a Pray-it Say-it card, print it out and stick it on the bulletin board at work. Choose a funny photo to get everyone’s attention, and a scripture that will bless them.

Give God a Break -Take your coffee break with God. Get your coffee to go and take a walk around your office building and pray. Or take your coffee out of the lounge and into your office, shut the door, and pray. Or even better, invite others at your job to join you for coffee time prayer. Pray for your boss, company finances, your family, co-workers, etc.

Target Your Boss – With prayer that is. Set aside a little time each week to pray for your boss and the company business. Then send a thoughtful Pray-it Say-it card to your boss. Let him/her know that you are available to pray for any specific needs they might have.

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