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Take it to the Streets

Free Prayer Booth
Have your church or small group sponsor a “Free Prayer Booth” in some public place, where people walking by can stop and get prayer for their needs. A ministry did this on the streets of New York City with wonderful results.

Make an arrangement with your local Fire dept. or Police dept. to cover them in prayer. Set up a “Prayer Needs” box at the station that you collect each week. Get the names of each officer who would like to be prayed for and have intercessors from your church or cell group adopt them for prayer. For more info check out Adopt a Cop

Prayer business cards
Print up some business cards offering free prayer for any need. List an email address where people can send their prayer requests. Have people committed to seriously address these needs in prayer. After a week send a follow-up note to see if there has been any improvement. Hand these cards out everywhere and leave small stacks of them at businesses that are friendly to the idea.

Lighthouse of Prayer
A Lighthouse is two or more people who have agreed to reach their neighborhood, workplace, or school through a strategy of prayer, care, share. Anywhere you are, you can be a lighthouse. As you live out the Lighthouse strategy to your neighbors, God will open up doors of opportunity for to share your faith, giving them an opportunity to know Jesus Christ. For more info visit

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