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Family Gratitude Circle – After dinner every day, or once a week, go around the table and have each person share something they are grateful for. After you have gone around three times, and everyone has shared three things they are grateful for, have someone lead a prayer of thanks to God.

Hot Seat Prayer – Have everyone in the family get together in the living room once a week. Choose one member of the family as the prayer subject. Ask them what they would like prayer for and have everyone pray over them. It is a wonderful way to build family unity, and a great way to encourage each other, and to keep in touch with each other’s needs.

Lunch Box Surprise -Make a Pray-it Say-it card for your son or daughter, print it out and stick it in their lunch box once a week to remind them not only that you are praying for them, but that God is with them. (Or you can make a card for your spouse and put it in their lunch box or briefcase.)

Family Prayer and Share – Meet once a week with the whole family and take some fun Bible time together. If your kids are old enough, and are interested, let them be in charge and encourage them to use skits, games or anything interactive that will illustrate or draw attention to a Bible story or principle. Use this time to share what has been on your heart, prayer requests, new revelations, or scriptures that you like.

What a Character – At a weekly family gathering, ask each person to share one character trait they would like to work on. Then have the other members of the family pray for that person’s character everyday. Next week, report on the progress and continue to pray, or move on to another trait.

Fridge Prayer – Make a list of things to pray for with your family and post it on the fridge. Pray for each need, and check them off as the answers come through. A great reminder to your kids and yourself that God does answer prayer!

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