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The Joy of Giving

givingThere is no greater joy than giving. You can fill your life with joy everyday, if you simply choose to give to everyone you meet. Yes, I said “everyone”.

You have a pocketful of things you can give to those you know and those you meet, and those you simply pass by. Try it for a day and see how much joy you come home with.

Give something to everyone you meet, everyday.

-Give a smile
-Give a helping hand
-Give a compliment
-Give a suggestion
-Give a gift
-Give a solution
-Give a hug
-Give a listening ear
-Give a minute of your time
-Give a note of encouragement
-Give a caring thought
-Give a pat on the back
-Give a prayer
-Give a donation
-Give a word of wisdom
-Give a courtesy
-Give a recommendation
-Give a sympathetic moment
-Give a call to say “Hi”
-Give an hour of Intercession
-Give respect
-Give patience
-Give understanding
-Give kindness
-Give honor
-Give the Gospel

you were created in God’s image, and He’s the ultimate giver.

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