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The Battlezone

battleOkay, it’s time for a reminder. You’re not in heaven yet and you live in a fallen world that’s suffering under the curse of sin. The devil is still alive and well on planet earth, and you are in a spiritual battlezone.

You don’t get to choose if you want to be in the battle or not, you only get to choose to be a civilian in the battlezone, or a soldier.

A civilian is concerned with surviving. They’re not mentally prepared to fight, trained to fight, or equipped to fight. But they find themselves in the middle of a battle.

A soldier is concerned with taking territory. He is mentally ready to fight, trained and equipped to fight. And he runs to the battle because that’s his job.

How did you approach your day? Are you just trying to survive, or did you lace up your boots and strap on your helmet? The battle is coming at you either way, you get to choose how you face it.

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