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Know Your Enemy

targetjpegYou may be a peace loving person, but you have enemies that want to tear you to pieces. Pretending that all is well doesn’t change the fact that someone is out to get you.

We need to start each day with a clear understanding of who our enemies are and be on guard against their tactics. Who are your enemies? You only have three. The world, the flesh and the devil.

The world is out to change your values, and convince you that money is the way to happiness, having stuff makes you valuable, and being accepted is worth sacrificing your ethics.

The flesh is out to change your identity, by transforming you into a weakling. Every time you give in to the desires of your flesh over what you know is right, you become weak. God created you to be strong, that’s why your will has control over your flesh. You can say no, you can get help, God has provided a way of escape, every time.

The devil is out to change your destiny, through fear, deception, and accusation he hinders you from following God’s call on your life. It may just be a kind word to stranger, or a donation to a ministry, but fear holds you back, and you miss another step on the road to who you should be.

Stand your ground today, mark out your enemies, know them by name, and by tactics. Be aware of their presence, and guard your soul from their attacks. Stay true to your values, stay strong, and stay on course with who your were meant to be.

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