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Is Missions Foreign to You?

outer-limitsIt’s been several years now since we made the leap to the mission field. But I can still remember when being on the foreign field, was a foreign concept to me. I’m from the south, and about as homegrown as moonshine. I can’t even speak English that people from New York can understand.

But missions isn’t just about location, it’s about concern. We spent a number years with missions in our hearts before we ever made a move. We accepted God’s concern for the nations as part of our Christian responsibility and privilege.

We began to give, and pray, and be concerned for people in other parts of the world. We pledged what we had, to ease the burden on God’s heart. Then He pledged us to the nations.

There’s a lot you can do right where you are, don’t miss your chance to get in on the greatest adventure of all.

Our family has no regrets. A lot of surprises but no regrets. WHAT ABOUT YOU? Have you reported for duty lately? At the “Foreign Desk“? -Wayne Dillard

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