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Do Your Money Manners Honor God?

galaxy-spiralIn a world infested by corruption and deceit you must stand strong to honor God with your financial dealings. If you want to know how you should handle your finances, look at how God handles His resources.

Good Stewardship -God is not wasteful, but makes the most out of everything.(The disciples gathered up 12 baskets full of leftovers after Jesus fed the 5000 -John 6:1-13)

Lavishly Generous -God gives with great joy and no reserves (There are 10 billion galaxies, each with 10 billion stars. I would call that lavish.)

Just and Fair -God is just and He’s faithful to His promises, He always rewards others with what they deserve and often more. (Solomon asked God for wisdom. God gave him wisdom and riches as well -1 Kings 3:5-13)

Expect God to provide for you in these same ways, and deal with others today, in a way that honors God, and promotes His economics.

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