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Do You Have a Pet Demon?…

No, I’m not talking about an out of control dog or a cat that flips out and runs around the house.

wild-monkeyAre you having trouble getting free from some kind of oppression, debt, sickness, etc. Maybe it’s because you have a pet demon. Demons often run together like a pack of wild monkeys. If you let one of them in your house because you think he’s cute, he will soon open the door to others that are not so cute. The only way to keep the ugly monkeys out is to get ride of the cute ones too.

Now we’re not really talking about monkeys here, but demons who oppress and influence our behavior. These are real spiritual beings who are working to deny your potential to bless others, but you have authority in Christ to deny their influence in your life.

The problem is, sometimes we welcome their influence. We like a little pornography, or we enjoy eating more than we should, or feeling sorry for ourselves, things that we know are wrong, but we like too much to give it up. If you hold on to one demon, you’ll have no power to resist the others.
Who is your pet?

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