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Check Your Choices…

darth2jpegOkay, you know that we are engaged in a spiritual battle for the lives of men. That we are children of light in a world dominated by darkness. And although God ultimately wins the war, the battles we win or loose each day are determined by our choices.

When you make an ethical or unselfish choice it advances God’s Kingdom and strengthens His influence in this world. When you make an unethical or selfish choice it gives fuel and authority to satan’s kingdom and advances his evil purposes in the world.

luke_skywalkerYou get to choose who wins in your little sector of the battlefield. How are you doing today, are you defending all that is good and right, or have you gone over to the dark side. It’s all about choices, what you choose to think; what you choose to believe; what you choose to say; what you choose to do.

Don’t give strength to the enemy through your choices, it makes it hard on the rest of us who are fighting along side you. Check your choices. Ask the Holy Spirit to warn you when you drift off course, and commit yourself to fight the good fight and choose honorably.

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