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Are You Dancing with God Today?

dance-coupleHave you ever wondered what it means to walk with the Lord? It’s something we talk about quite often. “How’s your walk with the Lord?” But what does it actually mean?

Walking with God, is a lot more like a dance. When you walk with someone, there’s not much interaction. But when you’re dancing, you are moving together, each step followed by another, synchronized and balanced to created a beautiful harmony. Our life with God, should be like a dance. He embraces us, we embrace Him, He leans, we lean, he steps, we step, and this giving and receiving relationship creates a dance that leads others to see His glory.

We begin this dance by worshiping God. As we take time to be in His presence and worship, He responds by giving us revelation, some insight or understanding, or maybe a prayer burden, or a word of knowledge.

Then we respond to this revelation by acts of obedience, conforming our life to what God has revealed to us. This may be speaking a word he has given us, interceding as he has directed us, or stepping out in faith to what He has shown us.

As we move in obedience, God anoints our acts of faithfulness. This releases His supernatural power into the situation, which reveals His faithfulness to those involved. This leads those who see His faithfulness to worship Him and the whole cycle begins again.

You know every culture on earth dances, it’s a universal act of joy and celebration. It’s also very contagious. Are you dancing with God today?


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