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Mark Buntain -Christ and the Dead Girl

“Oh, Pastor Buntain,” the woman gasped, “something terrible has happened. Please meet us at the government hospital. It’s urgent!” Mark threw on his coat and raced to the hospital. When he entered the hospital room, doctors were scrambling to save the young girl’s life.

Suman was a high school student, and when she learned she had failed her final exam, she swallowed a lethal dose of pills. As the family rushed her to the hospital, the mother called Mark to meet them there.

Mark was friends with this Hindu family. But two days ago a visit with the father had ended abruptly. The business man was proud of his ancient religion, and became furious that Mark would dare impose Christianity on his family. Shaking his fist in Mark’s face, he spat out, “Don’t try to tell me your Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”

“Sir, there will come a day,” Mark said, “when God will prove to you that indeed Jesus is the Son of God.” With that, Mark walked out of the house. Now they gathered around the daughter’s hospital bed. Approaching the chief doctor, Mark said, “Please sir, let me be alone with the girl for a moment.” He nodded and stepped back.

Mark looked down on the beautiful face of the dying girl. By now her eyes were sunken and she grasped for every breath in her unconscious state. “Do you remember, what I said to you just a few days ago,” Mark asked the father, “that there would come a day when God would prove to you that Jesus is indeed the Son of God?”
“I remember,” said the weeping father. “Sir, will you believe that Jesus is the Son of God if He heals your daughter?”
“Yes, pastor, I will believe. The doctors say she cannot live. If she does, I will know it is because of your Jesus.” Mark left the hospital and returned that afternoon. Suman had been moved to a private room where they were waiting for her to die. Mark stood in the doorway and prayed: “O God, please heal Suman and show this family that Jesus is your Son.” Again Mark left the hospital, returning two hours later. Suman’s condition didn’t improve. It was clear the young girl would die, unless a miracle occurred.

Sensing a surge of God’s Spirit, Mark walked over and spoke to the unconscious girl, “Suman, in the name of Jesus Christ, come out of this unconsciousness.” A tear rolled down her cheek. Suman started to whimper and pull at the straps that tied her to the bed. Within moments she sat up, blinking and squinting.

Immediately the news spread through the hospital. Suman’s doctors ran in, but they were skeptical. After examining her, they made a grim prediction. “Your daughter is past her crisis, but we must warn you that her mind will be permanently damaged.”

For the second time Mark felt a surge of faith come over him. Looking at the girl’s father, Mark said: “Sir, you told me if God healed your daughter, you would confess Him as your Savior. Do you still stand by that commitment?”
“I will,” the father cried. “Then I’m going to believe God, that by this time tomorrow, your daughter will be absolutely well.” Mark turned and walked out of the room.

Upon visiting the next day, Mark found Suman sitting up in bed combing her hair, with a big smile on her face–completely healed! There was absolutely no brain damage. And the Hindu father, true to his word, confessed Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, along with the whole family.

Story adapted from the book: Mark by Ron Hembree 1979.

With a heart in love with the people of India, Mark Buntain, 1923-1989, began Calcutta Mission of Mercy, which provides food, education, medical aid, and hope to India’s poor. Since his death in 1989, his wife, Huldah, and daughter Bonnie, continue this great labor of love.
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