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Charles Spurgeon -Man of his Word

“Please pray for my child,” the father urged, deeply concerned for the conversion of his precious 12 year old daughter. Charles Spurgeon quickly made a note of the man’s request. Jotting it down on the daily newspaper which laid on his desk. He assured the father he would take time to specifically pray for the girl. Unfortunately distractions came, and the newspaper got laid aside and Charles forgot about the request for several weeks.

One day the paper was taken out of the library by a servant and laid upon the window sill where Mr. Spurgeon found it. He had been waiting for a friend, who was soon to arrive at his home. But when he read the note made weeks earlier, he promptly went to his library, knelt down by his chair and prayed for the salvation of the young girl. While praying, he was interrupted by a ring at the door. Supposing that it was the friend he was expecting, Charles went directly to the door himself.

To his surprise, the young girl that he had been praying for met him at the door. Her very first words were: “Mr. Spurgeon, I have come to ask you to tell me about how to become a Christian.”

The girl then explained, “I was passing by your house, with no thought about becoming a Christian. But then I had this urging, and found that I couldn’t pass by your gate without coming to the door.” The impulse was so great upon her to ring the door bell that she had actually rang it before she had made up her mind about what she was going to say to Mr. Spurgeon. Charles gladly explained what it meant to be a Christian. Once he was assured the young girl understood and was ready to pray, Mr. Spurgeon knelt down with her. Together they prayed and rejoiced in God’s great love and care!

Life of Charles H. Spurgeon by Russell H. Conwell 1892.

Charles Spurgeon, 1834-1892, initially known as ‘boy preacher’, began preaching at just 17 years old. He went on to be one of England’s finest preachers, preaching at London Metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle for 40 years, where an estimated 6,000 worshipers gathered twice each Sunday. His 4,000 published sermons (which sold up to 25,000 copies per week and reached into 40 languages) remain in high demand today.  Get Charles Spurgeon Books Here

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