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Amy Carmichael -The Weapon of Prayer

“Oh, Amma! Amma! Do not pray! Your prayers are, troubling me!” We all looked up in astonishment. We were just finishing our Band Prayer Meeting, when a woman rushed into the room and began to exclaim. She was the mother of one of our girls at our school. Now full of excitement, she poured out a curious story.

“When you went away last year I prayed. I prayed and prayed, and prayed again to my god to dispel your work. For my daughter’s heart was impressed with your words. I cried to my god to wash the words out. But has he washed them out? Oh no! And I prayed for a bridegroom for my daughter, and one came; and the cart was ready to take her away, and a hindrance occurred; so the marriage fell through. I wept till my eyes nearly dissolved. Another bridegroom came, and again an obstacle occurred. Later another bridegroom came, but the wedding was hindered by an obstacle. I cannot get my daughter married, the neighbors mock, and my caste is disgraced,” cried the poor old mother, sobbing in her shame and confusion.

“Then I went to my god again and said, ‘What more can I offer you? Have I not given you all I have? And you reject my prayer!’ Then in a dream my (demon) god appeared, and he said, ‘Tell the Christians not to pray, I can do nothing against their prayers. Their prayers are hindering me!’ And so, I beseech you, stop your prayers for fourteen days – only fourteen days – till I get my daughter married!” “And after she is married?” We asked. “Oh, then she may freely follow your God!” the mother declared, “I will hinder her no more!” But we knew the proposed bridegroom came from three hundred miles away, with the idea to carry the poor girl off by force as soon as she was married. We have been praying night and day to God to hinder this marriage. And He is hindering!

Story adapted from: “Things As They Are; Mission Work In Southern India” by Amy Carmichael. Amy Carmichael, 1867-1951 Known as “Amma” (mother) to thousands of children she rescued from Hindu temple prostitution, Amy Carmichael spent 53 years in India sharing the Gospel message of hope. Her numerous books and poems reveal her extraordinary love & dedication to Christ and His lambs. Get Amy Carmichael Books Here

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