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Through the Crowd

I’ve come to touch my Lord today
But crowded thoughts hold me at bay.
They press me here and block me there,
Till Jesus is, I know not where.

They seem to be against my quest,
To press in close to my Savior’s breast.
Each time I push one thought aside,
Another comes to block my stride.

And now my flesh has joined the fray,crowd
It too is pushing me away.
My needs are great so on I press,
A touch from Christ alone will bless.

Beyond the crowd my Savior stands,
If I can only stretch my hands,
And past the flesh and thoughts reach in,
And touch the edge of His garment’s hem,

I know He will impart to me,
The power I so desperately need.
I will not yield or give my place,
Until I see my Savior’s face.

Should I not stand against flesh and mind,
To reach the Savior of mankind?
Now all can see I’ve come to stay,
That nothing will turn me away.

In the face of my determined stand,
I see the crowd start to disband.
I focus now to reach my goal,
To touch the one who saved my soul.

I hear His voice, He calls to me,
Distractions now begin to flee.
My flesh and thoughts have settled down,
No longer to push me around.

I run to fall at Jesus’ feet,
His fellowship to me so sweet.
The struggle all behind me now,
Has made this time, sweeter somehow.

Wayne Dillard

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