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Questions of the Heart

Mark McCoy was a dynamic servant of Jesus. He inspired many with his worship, and challenged others with his life of dedication. Mark went to be with the Lord March 26, 2000 at age 39, after several months of battling cancer. This poem is dedicated to the faithful friends who prayed and fasted for Mark (the Warrior of song).

Questions of the Heart

Oh Warrior of song
what could have gone wrong
that our prayers should not have been answered?

We cried out for you
that you would pull through
but somehow your life wasn’t ransomed.

We fasted and prayed
we rebuked unafraid
we stood on the words that God gave us.

We held faith high
and gave our best try
as we worshiped the God who made us.

Our hearts were all filled
with hope you’d be healed
but now we’re empty and weary

The struggle was long
you’re where you belong
but our question is “God, can you hear me?”

God’s answer is clear,
“I’m not deaf, I can hear.
and I’ve listened to each wail and whisper

Not a tear has been shed
not a prayer has been said
that I haven’t stored up in my censer

It will all come to play
at a time when I say,
‘Let the prayers of the saints be pour out!’

Then the tears that you’ve cried
and prayers that you’ve sighed
will come rushing down with a shout

Take courage for now
that the ground you have plowed
will bring forth a great harvest one day

It blesses My heart
that you’ve played your part
and I thank you for all that you’ve paid.”

Wayne Dillard

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