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It’s Time to Pray

When all my time is running out
And anxious thoughts are all about.
When darkness looms and peace has fled
And I can find no rest in bed.
It’s Time To Pray!

When no one seems to look my way
And loneliness is here to stay.
When comfort from my friends is dry
And tears begin to fill my eye.
It’s Time To Pray!

When troubles multiply around
And obstacles are all I’ve found.
When the road is rough and hot and long
And “I’ll never make it.” becomes my song.
It’s Time To Pray!

When needs arise and challenges face
And the battle calls me to my place.
When I am dressed and ready to fight
And I know my cause is just and right.
It’s Time To Pray!

When the foe is down and I am up
And it’s time to drink the victor’s cup.
When my heart is strong and emotions high
And I feel like an eagle in the sky.
It’s Time To Pray!

When all my thoughts have come to rest
And nothing could disturb my nest.
When peace is liquid in my heart
And I know that I have done my part.
It’s Time To Pray!

In anxious thoughts or lonesome cry,
Or as adversity draws nigh.
In challenge and in victory,
Or peace that comes to comfort me.

No matter what the day may bring,
Or the kind of song my heart may sing.
In all my ways I acknowledge Him,
He is the vine, I am the limb.
It’s Time To Pray!

Wayne Dillard

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