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Is There Incense at the Altar?

Is there incense at the altar,
where the blood of Christ was shed?
The fragrance of thanksgiving,
for the thorns that crowned His head.
Worship and devotion for the
scars of Calvary,
tear stained intercession,
for the harvest yet to be.

Is there incense at the altar,
where the perfect Lamb was slain?
The perfume of petition,
offered in His Holy name.
A bearing of His burden,
to proclaim His sacrifice-
supreme and all sufficient
for He paid the sacred price.

Is there incense at the altar,
where Christ intercedes right now?
Grief, and praise, and pleading,
for the souls that knit His brow.
A heart-felt holy effort,
God’s mighty power brings-
gather for the Lamb,
‘the reward of His sufferings’.

Kathleen Dillard

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