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Gratitude with an Attitude

When life is trying to beat you down,
and your heart cops a bad attitude.
It’s time to stop and train your thoughts
on some life-giving gratitude.

When darkness crowds out the joy of your life,
and everything seems so unfair.
Just hold your breath for a minute or so,
then remember you’re grateful for air.

sad_dog_gratitudeEach day there’s bad stuff coming your way,
it seems like a huge amount.
So, calculate all those terrible things,
then be grateful, at least you can count.

Nobody seems to care, you say,
and a pitiful song starts to ring.
Pause at the chorus, and take a bow,
then be grateful to God you can sing.

You can’t pay the bills, you’ve lost your job,
and nobody knows your name?
Open the latest tabloid,
and be grateful you don’t have their fame.

You can’t change the bad stuff happening to you,
and the things that bum you out.
But if you take some time for gratitude,
you can erase that great big pout.

Copyright Wayne Dillard 2005

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