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A Mother’s Prayer

lion_mom_motherBefore a child is first conceived,
A cry goes up, Lord, let it be.
And from His throne room way up there,
God’s ear is tuned to a Mother’s prayer.

Then as the tiny seed takes shape,
She whispers, God, please keep him safe.
And the angels all stop and stare,
To see God listen to a Mothers prayer.

Through pain and blood on that special day,
Lord, give him life, she’s heard to say.
And with a deep and gentle care,
God listens to a Mother’s prayer.

Then daily as this little child grows,
Keep evil away! the angels are told.
And by the swords and shields they bear,
God has heard that Mother’s prayer.

Then one day as the child is sleeping,
Let him know Jesus, she mutters while weeping.
The angels are shouting and the trumpets blare,
As the Father above hears a Mother’s prayer.

As the world presses in on this teenage life,
She calls for his destiny through agony and strife.
Then God responds, to a faith so rare,
That compels Him to answer this Mother’s prayer.

Now all grown up and on His own,
She prays for him by letter or phone.
And God stands by with His right arm bare,
To listen and answer the Mother’s prayer.

Before a grandchild is conceived,
A cry goes up, Lord, Let it be.
And from His throne room way up there,
God’s ear is tuned to a Grandmother’s prayer…

copyright Wayne Dillard 2002

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  1. Roberta Maixner
    April 10th, 2015 | #1

    He has said: I will pour My spirit on your children and grandchildren—and let My blessing flow to your descendants.Isaiah44:3b

  2. Nancy
    October 21st, 2014 | #2

    Thank you. What an affirmation as I, as Gram, sit in my son’s house, thanking God for the children and grandchildren He has blessed me with. I am so deeply blessed and so wealthy! My heritage to give is evident in these very special people. I pray for each one, their spouses, their children and their grandchildren. Lord, May this be for thousands of generations. Hear my prayer, O Lord, and grant us all Thy Peace!

  3. Lady di
    June 5th, 2014 | #3

    Going to read at my daughter-in-laws shower that I am hosting…..beautiful