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YOU & Freedom Through Forgiveness


How are you doing? You have been getting some extra prayer lately – can you feel it? My staff and I are asking God to meet you with some good news.

As I’ve been pouring over your prayer requests, the Lord reminded me to remind you about something. Have you thought about going through our, “Journey of Forgiveness” devotional? It’s a free and powerful tool that I’ve made available for you.

You know I am amazed at how much money is being made off of our bitterness. Whole television series with titles like Revenge, Snapped or Wives with Knives says a lot about our status on forgiveness, don’t you think?

Recently my daughter Julia shared some notes written by children. This one by Liam sums up how many of us feel when we have been struck by injustice:


Forgiveness really is the foundation of our faith. I am asking you to think about going through the “Journey of Forgiveness.” I believe there is healing and a blessing in it for you.


Read Today’s Devotional


You may feel like you’ve already done your bit with forgiving. But the truth is, forgiving is a lifestyle. And life with all its up’s and down’s requires maintenance through forgiveness.

So go ahead and let God bless you, heal you. There’s some luggage you want to lose so you can travel lighter and cover more ground in 2014. Amen?

In His love and mine,


Kathleen Dillard




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