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YOU Budging the Grudge

unnamedCharacter cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened and success achieved.
-Helen Keller


Sending you a big hug into your week. If Helen Keller is right, then you & I will be going through some tough stuff in our lives. If we don’t get bitter, then we will get better, right?

But reality is, it’s natural to hold a grudge. To remember. To gossip and even look for ways to punish, isn’t it? One afternoon, the Lord started speaking to me about people I was angry at.

I think I’ve only bought a lottery ticket once in my life. But then I remembered something – a thought I had, “If I ever win the lottery, this person and that person better not even call me because they won’t be getting one penny of it.”

When you begin to withhold blessing, that’s a sure sign of a grudge. Today, the study of forgiveness is vast and reveals loads of benefits. Psychologists now say that, “Those who forgive operate from a position of strength in terms of physical and mental health.”

I took time to forgive the people who offended me, were disappointing, and who hadn’t kept their word. I let it go before God and I was free. Freedom feels so good.

So, would you think about signing up for our Journey of Forgiveness devotional and do some spring cleaning? Go ahead and clean out some closets. You will feel so much better.


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In His love and mine,


Kathleen Dillard

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