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YOU Are an Overcomer!


I pray that you are doing well! Last week we highlighted our Pray-it Say-it site as a way for you to inspire and bless others. This week, we decided to turn the table around and use it to say a blessing for YOU!


If this word about “overcoming” speaks to your heart, you may also want to check out this excerpt from today’s In His Name devotional. Invite the Holy Spirit’s anointing and make this prayer YOURS:

“Jesus, You are the Most High. You disarmed and triumphed over the rulers and authorities. You are the Maker of all things. You cause wise men to draw back. There is none like You!

Train me Lord. Grant me weapons of warfare for the right hand and the left, so I can fight this spiritual battle and see souls come into Your kingdom.”

Grace & Peace to You,
The Prayercentral Team

P.S. We would love to hear your feedback on the new devotional “A Word for Today!” How has it inspired or challenged you?

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