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What’s God saying for 2016?

Greetings from Prayercentral

Happy New Year!

As I’ve thought about 2016 I believe it’s a year to magnify the Lord.  “Let those who love Your salvation say continually, ‘The Lord be magnified!” Ps. 40

The word, “magnify” means to ‘make great’ — like a magnifying glass. When you look at something through one, you see all the incredible, intricate details that open a new world before your eyes. The same thing happens for you and those around you when you magnify the Lord. Let’s go there in 2016!

An Update from our Christmas Fundraiser

Thank you for being patient with me during the Christmas fundraiser. I thank each and every one of you who donated. Your giving was a huge encouragement and a vote of support. Thank YOU.

As it turned out, the fundraiser wasn’t as strong as I hoped for. And because the appeal for funds didn’t reach the 1/2 way mark, I am left facing some decisions.

Some of those decisions will involve cutting costs with Prayercentral and downsizing. At the same time I’m praying about creating my own online space, that will be simpler, more cost effective and easier for you to use. This will include some of our popular features on Prayercentral.

However don’t worry, nothing is going to happen really fast. As I am still busy in my work overseas (you can receive monthly updates on my work overseas if you’re interested by going here).

Thank you so much for your prayers as I step forward into this season of transition. The mission is still the same, faith and fire filled prayer that seizes the answer.

I am so grateful for your partnership through the years. And I look forward to walking many more with you.  I’m excited about what the future holds and most of all the One Who holds it.

2016~May the Lord be magnified!

Kathleen Dillard

Kathleen Dillard

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