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What You Feed Will Lead

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I hope you are having a great summer so far. May you enjoy the sun, splash in the water, and catch your breath deeply.

While you do that I want to encourage you to hit the recharge button on your spiritual life too. Plug in. Fill up your battery.

I have two easy suggestions for how you can do that here at Prayercentral.

Are You a Listener?

Some of us are naturally listeners who would rather learn through hearing. If you’re a listener and you haven’t signed up for my WOW Word of the Week prophetic devotional, go ahead and do that now. Each devotional is only 1-2 minutes and I take time in prayer for each one, so I’m sharing something fresh off the stove (or bbq) with you each time.

There have been a ton of great testimonies from my WOW’s on how God has blessed, encouraged, and released confirmation for people like yourself. C’mon!

Are You a Reader?

Some of us tend to be readers who would rather bury our head in a book, newspaper, or kindle and dig through words. If that’s you, why not jump in and read through the great teaching articles on Prayercentral in the teaching section?

I’ll close with a quote from one of the teaching articles,

“You are a spiritual being traveling in an earthly body toward a spiritual destination. You are opposed by spiritual beings, aided by angels, and cheered on by saints of old. You have been given all the power you need for the journey, and the commission to bring others with you.” -Wayne Dillard

Be safe this summer. Have fun.
And remember, what you feed will lead.

In His Love and Mine,
Kathleen Dillard

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