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We Are What We Believe We Are


What you say matters. And nothing matters more than what you say to yourself. The silent conversation of your inner dialogue is what takes root and determines outcomes.

One leader who has challenged me on this is Dr. Bruce Thompson. His teaching series, God’s Plumbline, traces patterns and belief systems that buckle us down. In other words, the things that cinch a low ceiling over your head. Thompson breaks open this biblical truth, “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Prov.23 (KJV)

As C.S. Lewis wrote, “We are what we believe we are.” So it will make a big difference if the Lord is the Editor and Chief of what we say to ourselves. Can we do that?

As the 13th anniversary of America’s 9/11 approaches next week, Prayercentral will be sending out a special prayer to our 911 Prayer Alert Team. While news agencies are reporting that chatter between terrorist organizations is up, it’s a good time for you and I to make our voices heard before God.

If you are not yet a member of the 911 Prayer Team, you can sign up here and join us next week in a unified prayer of protection for America:


May the Lord meet you with His peace that surpasses all understanding and guards your heart and mind.

In His Love and Mine,


Kathleen Dillard

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