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Walking Against the Wind


Walking against the wind is hard.

I had a chance to do that this morning along the windswept cliff sides of California. Everything was dreamy until I hit a headwind. A headwind blows against you, and suddenly your progress takes more effort, resolve, and focus.

Right now, you and I are walking into a headwind with ISIS. Progress must happen but we will have to fix our eyes on Jesus and increase our effort and resolve in prayer to get through the resistance. This is the need of the hour. Can you feel it?

Take time to go out of your way to invest in prayer. Call people who will pray with you and ask the Lord for breakthrough among the ISIS ranks. Remember to hit this topic in your prayer group and see if you can put the prayer below in your church bulletin.

You can also pray now and lift up your heart together with your Prayercentral family.

Prayer for ISIS:

King of the Nations, we come to you on behalf of the thousands who have been victims of ISIS. We lift up the cities of Beirut and Paris, both struck by this violence in recent days. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, who transcends the miles, we release blessing, hope, and healing over each of these capital cities. Give wisdom to the leaders in Lebanon and France and let security and stability be reestablished.

By the blood of the Lamb, we bind every demonic power in Jesus’ name and  we declare your word, “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)  We ask for your angels to be dispatched to bring deliverance and containment of evil. (Hebrews 1:7)

Jesus, where sin has abounded, we know Your grace abounds even more. (Romans 5:20) Through Your grace, may repentance produce righteousness and transformation within the ranks of ISIS. Lord, you said, “Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?” (Ez. 18:23)

For everyone who has suffered because of ISIS, we ask that Your ever-enduring love and power bring restoration to lives, homes, and families. We bless our brothers and sisters in Christ who have been persecuted for bearing Your Name; for, You have declared that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them.

Lord we ask for wisdom and unified efforts among global leaders that will not fail. Let sound and strategic counsel emerge that will make headway and grant a turning point. We ask all this, in Your Name, Jesus.

 have prayed.

Prayer is the need of the house.

“If we are weak in prayer, we are weak everywhere.”
-Leonard Ravenhill

Let’s press in at this critical hour and be strong, shall we?

In His love and mine,


Kathleen Dillard


Additional Points to Countering Terrorism

  • Pray that  God  may  cut  off  all  the  supply – lines  of  terror:
    • Weapons (stolen, robbed, taken, captured, smuggled)
    • Volunteers (radicalized  youth  from  Europe / USA/ Asia/Middle East / North Africa)
    • Money – robbed, thru ivory – smuggling, human-trafficking, extorted, plundered, stolen, support by fanatic sheikhs,  oil-smuggling , etc. (Psalm 10, 15)
  • That God may destroy the wicked high places/networks) of terror. (Hos. 10, 8; Amos 7, 9; Psalm 83, 13 – 18; 68, 1 – 2)
  • We hand over the wicked terrorists (ISIS) into the righteous judgment of God to be removed. (Isa. 26, 9 / Ps. 37: 13-20)

Download this list as a PDF

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