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The Race Marked Out for YOU


I wanted to take a minute with you to remember my husband and Prayercentral’s founder, Wayne, and his incredible investment in our lives. Today. April 3rd, marks that he’s been with Jesus for 3 years.

Hebrews Marathon




Wayne Dillard, always whistling
while he worked at Prayercentral

When he went to heaven, he joined that ‘great cloud of witnesses’ because the end of this life is only the beginning of eternity. Many of you received personal email correspondence from Wayne and have been blessed, equipped and strengthened through Prayercentral for the race marked out for you.

I thought it would be good to honor his investment in our lives. Wayne was all about gratitude and following Christ’s footsteps with a fierce focus. If you have a minute to read Wayne’s article, “Remembering the Past to Fulfill Your Future,” it might be exactly what you need right now.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers.

In His love and mine,


Kathleen Dillard

Me, Julia (left) and Jessica (right) your 3 amigo’s,
grateful and joyful under God’s grace.

HI! I’d like to invite you to jump in and join me in my field work overseas. Get your faith fired up through lots of exciting stories of how God is moving on the harvests’ edge.

Send your snail mail address to:

As a THANK YOU ~ YOU get a free copy of: “Draw Near” a powerful prophetic devotional booklet to charge up your walk! This is my gift to you for your partnership! -Kathleen

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