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The Moves of God – At Home & Abroad

Hugs to you and peace through our Prince!

There are two things I would like to bring your way. One is Afghanistan, the other is a report from Alyssa about the radical “Onething” event last month.

OK, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard me say this, but can we STEP UP the prayer for Afghanistan? The situation is complex, and MORE prayer is an urgent need.

If you’re not signed up for the Afghan prayer patrol, you can do that now at:

On the home front God is moving among the youth. You can be encouraged by this report from Alyssa:

“I have so enjoyed corresponding with many of you, and just wanted to share a bit of what the Lord is doing here at the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC.) Three weeks ago we had our free year-end conference, Onething, which is centered around empowering disciples of all ages to walk with Christ in a more intimate way.

Each year, thousands of people, mostly young adults, give Christ the glory & praise that He is due, and this year was no different as we had around 30,000 attendees! He is truly raising up a generation of worshipers and intercessors who will move in the power of the Holy Spirit, yet know humility from having spent time on their knees in the place of prayer. Be encouraged, faithful intercessors, for you are not alone and He truly is bringing in reinforcement by the myriads – this is the fruit of your labor!”

For more info about IHOP and the Onething conference, visit

Thank YOU! I know you are busy already and I thank you for pressing into God with us for His purposes.

Remember, rewards await those who seek Him! (Heb.11:6)

In His love and mine,
Kathleen Dillard

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