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Summer, you’re almost there

Do you have any plans for your summer? I know a lot of people have their eyes on digging into a good book or two. Family barbecues. You might even want to go check out some caves or volcanos.

Whatever your plans are, I pray you have a great summer. Fruitful and fragrant for the Lord.

I’d like to recommend one more thing to you for your summer. If you don’t subscribe to our FREE DEVOTIONALS, go ahead and sign up now:

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It is something that will give back to your body, soul and spirit.

May You feel His nearness as you step into this summer season~

In His love and mine,

Kathleen Dillard

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  1. Judy Peterson
    June 7th, 2018 | #1

    Hi Kathleen,
    Summer’s already almost full with plans. I am hoping to get a couple of books read. Our Bible study keeps going, year round, with a few missed meetings when the Pastor has to be gone. I feel like we need to pray really hard for the Nov. elections as there’s no way we can come up with enough money to counter the opposition. It seems like things are getting worse world wide. I don’t see any course but to pray! Take good care! My prayers are with you.
    Blessings, Judy