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A photo by Anton Repponen.


Just take a minute and remember how mighty your God IS. He controls the ocean. Look at this photo, do you feel like that surfer, a small dot on a rolling wall of water? Listen, God’s got you. The ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface* and your God has set it’s boundaries in place*.

What a mighty God we serve! One of the ways you can ride the wave rather than it riding you is by keeping yourself fed with God’s word, wisdom and ways.

And thats why I’m asking you to sign up for WoW, my Word of the Week audio devotional. It’s 1-2 minutes, filled with God’s word and inspired insight I get for you during prayer.

Listen to this testimony:

I have been encouraged and strengthened many times by a Word of the Week prophecy. Several I have written in my prayer journal and referred back to on a daily basis. They have proved grounding to me, and have helped me  to draw near to our heavenly Father. Sometimes they have challenged me to go higher and further in my walk with the Lord.” Dr. Joyce Ward, S.C., U.S.A.


I wanted you to know that I’ll be making some changes with Prayercentral. After Wayne’s death 6 years ago, I have exhausted myself trying to keep up with everything.

So, I need to shift to a simpler online presence while continuing my work in S.E. Asia. Some of the great prayer tools will be coming with me along with the fire and spunk.

The recent computer hack on our system cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Which confirmed to me the need for something easier to manage. Don’t worry, the transition is still months away and I’ll keep you posted.

Thank YOU so much for your faithful support and prayers. Please join me on WoW because you’re sure to get a jolt from heaven for your week. C’mon…

In His love and mine,
Kathleen Dillard

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