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Run to Conquer!

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Pic from prayitsayit.net [2] You can bless someone today!

Hi! I hope you are doing well and running hard after Him. God’s word tells us to throw off the things that hinder, so we can, “Run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Hebrews 12:1

In case you didn’t hear, there was a wave of prayer released around the world Sunday, June 12th on the Global Day of Prayer. If you want to find out more, you can take a minute to check it out:
http://www.globaldayofprayer.com [3]

I’ve written a prayer of blessing for YOU as we step into summer:

“May you run the race God has marked out for you. May a fresh wind from heaven release renewal, recharging and revival over your life. May hope and faith undergird you and lead you forward in courage for your King. May a new sense of vision and purpose be granted to you and unfold even this week for His high call over your footsteps. May the Lord grant you breakthroughs so you can run forward with Him, ‘Conquering, and to conquer.'”

In His love and mine,
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Kathleen Dillard