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Pushing Boulders Can Give You a Hernia

When was the last time you tried to push a boulder? Have you been pushing your finances, goals, family relationships, health? The truth is, when you push too hard, you can give yourself a hernia.


I tried to push an actual boulder yesterday while out trekking with my daughter. After leaning in with all my might it didn’t budge, not even one inch. At that moment I remembered all the things I’ve been adding a pinch of prayer but a pound of effort to. Then it struck me, “What if I put in a pound of prayer effort and just a pinch of pushing instead?”

What would it look like if you & I laid out an action plan in prayer for the big things in our lives and surrounded them with bible verses? What if your ‘pushing’ was done in prayer first – would that give you different results?

If you’ve been busy with unbudging boulders then you’re going to love this article I just rediscovered. My late husband Wayne Dillard wrote, “When Believing Isn’t Enough,” and it’s perfect for you if this is where you find yourself right now. Take a few minutes with the Lord and read this:

Dictionary Series - Religion: faith


When Believing Isn’t Enough




One closing thought…Let’s make November and December count for the Lord. Ask the Lord what good deeds He has on His ‘list of things to do’ for you. Then do it.

Prayer warriors, givers, and those who go are all in urgent demand, and even a mustard seed can move a mountain (or a boulder), so let’s do all the good that we can, while we can, amen?

In His Love and Mine,


Kathleen Dillard

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