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and God’s blessing poured on you. In case you didn’t notice, the prayers on the Afghan Prayer Patrol have been changed and freshened up for you. Let’s keep jumping in! Amen?

As you might know, this Sunday, May 23rd, is the Global Day of Prayer. The prayer surge continues through August 21st. They are calling believers around the world to humble themselves before God and ask for healing for their nations, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14.

And they are asking you and I to be willing to go out and bless our communities and the nations, as a united, intentional effort on the wave of all this prayer.

What you can do:

If you are not already involved in a local activity connected to the Global Day of Prayer, I would ask you to take some extra time at the following prayer features that we offer you at Prayercentral:

Let’s do it, now.

Together we are shaping history through prayer! Here’s a quote that blessed me recently, “Faithfulness today is the best preparation for the demands of tomorrow.” (Elisabeth Elliot)

In closing, you might be interested in seeing videos which we’ve posted on YouTube for you at The videos include ones of Wayne’s military honor’s memorial service in Denver, Part 1 and Part2, as well as a lovely tribute for Wayne created by a friend of mine from Delhi, India – Rohan Philip.

Thank you for all your love, prayers and gifts.

We are grieving but believing!

With you, before Him!

Kathleen Dillard

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